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Important : You cannot try this module in a private/closed environment, you should have a internet to test this feature. But you can enable to test module and try some features like create job, download thumbnails etc.

Today I released the Drupal video module 7.x-2.x first stable release.

There are lot of new feature has been added and here I'm going to brief about how to configure Zencoder transcoder engine with the module. There are limitations of using Drupal7 as its its evolving.

Required module for configuring video module with Zencoder

Install all module and check their configurations. You can easily find module configuration by module list page. Go to admin/modules/list and you can see configuration list next to the module dependencies column.

For AWS SDK for PHP module

When you go there to configure there are lot of stuff to fill but don't worry we need first two mendatory fields only. Sign up for Amazon S3 services and get the credentials from them.

Then go to Amazon S3 module.

For Amazon S3 module

For the Amazon S3 configurations we have to set a bucket name, you can create new bucket or use existing bucket.

Right after this, you must go to Video Trasncoder settings admin/config/media/video/transcoders sign up for Zencoder. If you already have an account but still you need to sign up. We highly recommened you to sign up always throught the module page. Do not create accounts using Zencoder site, if you have already created then you can cancel that account and re-create one throught video module page.

Once you complete sign up you will receive API key and password. In tha window scroll down, you can find below settings.

You should add the same bucket-name you added earlier to the AmazonS3 module settings.

Then you need to add permissions to postback jobs. Go to admin/people/permissions and find "Transcoder postback path access " enabled it for Anonymoys users.

Now you can go to Video module documentaion page and follow up for additional configurations.

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