Paragraphs : How to create a Paragraph view with node id as an argument (Contextual Filters)

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Paragraphs in Drupal 8 is very popular among the content editors and site builders since it's easy of use and flexibility. 

Paragraphs by design must have an entity as the hosting entity so we add it to either to a node, taxonomy or it could be user or custom entity. So once we have the field added and content added to the node (for example we take node) how do we create a view to display Paragraphs for that particular node.

The normal Drupal way is by adding a relationship and use the Content ID in the contextual filters but that seems not working for me Paragraphs, the reason it has it's own parent ID in the paragraphs_item_field_data table.

So in order to get Paragraphs for a Content ID you choose the Parent ID from the contextual filters and that's it.

The view should be a Paragraph view in order to do that.

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