How to refresh the file index with a new .gitignore

You, GitGitignore

Git is the one of powerful tools that I'm using on my day to day activities, but sometimes it's better to share some of my experiences with it, all sudden I committed Drupal 6 settings.php files located in sites/default/settings.php, when I see the changes I was like OMG! now how can I add it to my .gitignore. I tried just add it in to ignore list but that didn't help. I should have done that earlier :(.

Then I jumped in to IRC (one of my favorite places) and ask it there, answers were simple and here they are.

I assume you've commited your changes, if not just commit all your changes first git commit -m 'Commit all my changes'.

Then run git rm --cached sites/default/settings.php or if you have mutiple files or folders git rm -r --cached *to_be_ignored*

Now add everything from the updated index git add -A

Commit all your changes git commit -m 'Obey with .gitignore'

Hooray! your done!

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